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The Beastie Boys Book review

We didn’t expect The Beastie Boys to release a book but they did and it is surprisingly good. The book is full of some amazing stories and interesting antics that happened to the group.

In the book there is a section containing some graphic stories and somewhat horrifying accounts. The stories form part of what the philosophy held by the group described as so bad it’s awesome. The feeling that you get from the book is they did to each other whatever they cool crack each other up. The book is full of things that make you think that the band just had a great time being the Beastie Boys.

A big part of their image as a band was some of the crazy outfits they wore on tour and at concerts. It describes how fashionista Andre Leon Talley gave them a hiding by saying they dressed like dumbasses for many decades. They were described as looking like airport workers or people who belong in a union. Some described their fashion as a cross between Tom hanks and Adam Sandler.

A section of the book involves stories from Kate Schellenbach, a founding member of the group who was kicked out of the band. She was kicked out for an unspecified reason but everyone agrees that it was shitty and probably Rick Rubin’s fault.

Most of the beginning half of the book focuses on their crazy life as freewheeling members of a band and descriptions of some of their most memorable shows. As expected the back end of the book becomes slower and more philosophical.

All in all it was a great read.

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