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The Beastie Boys Book review

We didn’t expect The Beastie Boys to release a book but they did and it is surprisingly good. The book is full of some amazing stories and interesting antics that happened to the group.

In the book there is a section containing some graphic stories and somewhat horrifying accounts. The stories form part of what the philosophy held by the group described as so bad it’s awesome. The feeling that you get from the book is they did to each other whatever they cool crack each other up. The book is full of things that make you think that the band just had a great time being the Beastie Boys.

A big part of their image as a band was some of the crazy outfits they wore on tour and at concerts. It describes how fashionista Andre Leon Talley gave them a hiding by saying they dressed like dumbasses for many decades. They were described as looking like airport workers or people who belong in a union. Some described their fashion as a cross between Tom hanks and Adam Sandler.

A section of the book involves stories from Kate Schellenbach, a founding member of the group who was kicked out of the band. She was kicked out for an unspecified reason but everyone agrees that it was shitty and probably Rick Rubin’s fault.

Most of the beginning half of the book focuses on their crazy life as freewheeling members of a band and descriptions of some of their most memorable shows. As expected the back end of the book becomes slower and more philosophical.

All in all it was a great read.

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Travel Insurance for peace of mind Travel

We’ve all seen the horror stores on the news about how a person has been trapped in a hospital in some foreign land and accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills. The reason for the situation is the person has not purchased travel insurance for the trip and is now stuck in a horrible situation of requiring urgent medical treatment without a means to pay. Although this sounds like a rare occurance, it is a chance you shouldn’t take when travelling overseas. Medical treatment in some countries, especially the US, can go into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the injury sustained. The Australian government will not pay for medical treatment however there are some countries that have an reciprical agreement with Australia and Medicare will subsidise your treatment.

Some countries take travel insurance so seriously that they are some that won’t let you into the country unless you have it.
Travel Insurance is definately one insurance you must always take.

Here are some tips to picking the right insurance.

Firstly, check the places that you’re going. There is different cover if you go to different places and the cost will vary. Some riskier places have higher premiums. Make sure you get a policy for every country that you will be travelling to.

Secondly, depending on how often you holiday and how long you holiday some policies could be more cost effective. An annual multi-trip policy could work out cheaper if you are a jet setter.

Thirdly, make sure you cover yourself for extreme sports or specified items.

Lastly, make sure you cover yourself for any pre-existing illnesses.

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Makeup tips to have you looking your best!

We all know how important and what a difference it makes when a woman looks their best. Using makeup is a skill that is not easily taught, and it is even harder to master. Not having the right techniques and basic concepts when applying makeup can really send you down the wrong track. Here are some makeup tips that will help you look your best.

Firstly, if you have a pencil eyeliner, you can turn it into a gel type eyeliner with by applying a lighter to the end of the pencil. To perform this technique hold the lighter under the pencil tip for about one second and then let it cool for about 15. Once it has cooled, apply it to your eyes and you will see that the pencil will apply in a gel like motion.

The next tip is creating a smokey effect on your eyelids. To achieve this, draw a hashtag on the outer side of your eyelid. Then use a smudging tool to blend the hashtag.

The next tip is to use a spoon to prevent mascara causing marks on your eyelid during the application process. As you’re applying the eyeliner, hold a teaspoon on top of your eyelid so that the mascara tip will only touch the spoon.

The final tip is to warm up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer so that when you use it to curl your lashes, they will curl much simpler.

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